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I’m Joe Barrentine, and I’m running for Fircrest city council because I am inspired by the enthusiasm and support our community has for the future. Our new pool and rec center should fulfill the vision we had when we approved it in April. I was an active member of the steering committee and the “Vote Yes” campaign because I believe this project – the largest undertaking ever by the City of Fircrest – is essential to preserving the feeling of community that is the hallmark of life in our town. With the endorsements of Fircrest Mayor Hunter George and Councilman Blake Surina I am uniquely positioned to work with members of the council, the community and all stakeholders to help successfully finish this project.

After 20 years in journalism and almost three years working at the Port of Tacoma, I’ve seen firsthand how policy gets made and how it affects the community. 

As the co-founder of a small, Fircrest-based photography business and the father of two amazing daughters, I have a vested interest in making sure we are taxed fairly and the money is spent wisely. My goal is to continue improving our quality of life while maintaining a solid financial footing for our city.

I believe elected officials are obligated to listen to the citizens they serve, all of them. If elected, I will maintain regular monthly office hours to ensure every resident has the opportunity to talk about whatever is top of mind. 

If we are to grow into the next decades in a thoughtful, responsible way, we must pay careful attention to the past while ensuring new voices are heard. New names and faces on our city council bring new ideas. Balancing those ideas with community standards is the work of the council. 

We owe a debt of gratitude to our forbears for creating the feeling of Fircrest that drew us all here, and we owe it to future generations to strengthen that feeling.

Together we can keep the Heart of Fircrest beating strong.

Vote for Joe on Nov. 5!

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